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Ouka Farm

Fully integrated Wagyu Farm

Fully integrated Wagyu Farm

Located within the Prefecture of Miyazaki and close to Mt. Kirishima.
Our livestock are surrounded by beautiful nature, clean air, fertile soil and Kirishima fissure water from the aquifers below.
  • -Fertilization
  • -Breeding
  • -Fattening
  • -Delivery

Intregrated Management

The standard livestock model of farming in Japan separate Breeding and Fattening. To limit risk and control as many variables, we integrated the capacity for both Breeding and Fattening. By limiting the handling to technically skilled workers who are rich in experience with our production growth method, we keep livestock as stress-free as possible.

Through controlling the process, we achieved what is called “Consistency Management” or Ikkan Keiei. This style of management not only limits risk to the livestock but also lowers overall costs to pass on our consumers.


Ouka Farm
  • Access:
    45km from Miyazaki-Airport.
    About 40 minitus by car.